Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Book Trek Reading Challenge

I'm doing the Summer Book Trek reading challenge in August.

For my birthday.

Yes, my sister talked me into it. (Actually, she hacked my blog and added this whole post without my permission, but that's okay. I would have done it anyway. Probably.)

We're reading novels by LDS Authors and there are lots of prizes. I am reading The Newport Ladies Book Club series:
  • Olivia by Julie Wright
  • Daisy by Josi S. Kilpack
  • Paige by Annette Lyon
You should do it too. Even if you're no LDS (Mormon), there are still lots of really good books that count. Like the Twilight series. Yes, Stephenie Meyer is LDS and she counts!



Karlene said...

YAY! You're going to do it with me!

And oh, hey. Didn't you used to do a book club here...?

LDS_Publisher said...

Thanks for joining the 2012 Summer Book Trek. Happy reading!