Friday, November 4, 2011

Better Than Blood (Door Prize #2)

Well, seriously. Isn't anything? I mean, really, unless you're a vampire any drink is better than drinking blood.

But when I say "better than blood," I mean LOTS better. Tasty, in fact! And now that I think of it, if Bella had this prize, she probably wouldn't have needed to guzzle down those glasses of blood to get the nutrients needed for Renesmee.

(you can read about how awesome Shakeology is HERE

I've been drinking a minimum of one Shakeology shake a day (sometimes two) since July and I've lost nearly 50 pounds.

But that's not the most amazing part. The amazing part is how much energy I have! I have noticed a huge improvement in how I sleep and the energy I have during my work day. And the Shakeology really seems to help with the sugar cravings.

This stuff is awesome!

(Not quite as awesome as Edward, but awesome, nonetheless.)

To enter to win two Shakeology samples:
    Look over there in the sidebar. Scroll down a little. Yep, there it is. Just click on that blue "Join this site" button, then leave a comment on this post telling me you're a follower. If you're already a devoted follower, just tell me in the comments.

    Email the correct answer to the question below to Type "Suan Westover #2" in the Subject line. Along with your answer, include your full name and mailing address so I can ship it right out if you're the winner.

Trivia Question:
In Breaking Dawn, Carlisle says, "I've seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome."

What condition can vampire venom not cure?

Deadline: Midnight, November 19, 2011


All correct answers will be entered to win the prize. Winner will be chosen using and announced at Inksplasher on Monday, November 21, 2011.

Correct answers will also earn three chances to win the Grand Prize! (Grand Prize open to U.S. entries only. Sorry.)

Want to earn extra entries for the Grand Prize, plus some awesome Daily Prizes? Invite your friends to the party, then go visit Inksplasher every day to enter to win!. (See details here.)


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