Monday, July 11, 2011

Win Some Butter Beer!

Okay, that was just mean, wasn't it? Because I'm not really giving away Butter Beer...

If you've come here as part of Inksplasher's Totally Awesome Harry Potter Blog Party, then you're at the right place! And you already know I'm not going to give you Butter Beer.

If you've just stumbled across my blog because you googled "Harry Potter" or "Butter Beer", then I apologize.

I blame all this false advertising on my sister.

Even though my post title is misleading, I AM giving away something that's almost as awesome as Butter Beer, and that is...

TWO samples of Shakeology
(one in each flavor)

(you can read about how awesome Shakeology is HERE)

And to make up for the really mean false advertising, I'm also giving away a copy of the Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone DVD—so you can revisit where it all began while sipping your very nutritious and yummy shake.

You'll need to visit Inksplasher for Part 1 of this prize (and to read all the rules, etc.) , but for part 2, answer the question below in the comments of this post.

If you could have a totally nutritious shake in any flavor imaginable, what would flavor would it be?

[P.S. —I'm hosting a 30-days to health, "Shake It Down" Challenge starting July 15th. Check it out!]



Karlene said...

Chocolate Fudge Browning Delight!

Anonymous said...

Anything that doesn't taste healthy. Really. I'm being honest.

Dede said...

I would go for either chocolate mint or pina colada!!

ansindt said...

Chocolate cake flavor=) Yummy!

G. Parker said...

something chocolate, or something blueberry!! lol

Taffy said...

Chocolate chocolate chip OR
Passionfruit! YUMMY