Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turbo Jam Live Works Like an Imperious Curse!

Harry Potter fans, you've made it to the right spot!

I'm giving away a

Chalene has several workout DVDs and they are all awesome. This one has lots of contagious energy and enthusiasm that will MAKE you want to get up and move! Just as if you had an Imperious Curse placed on you—but in a good way.

I love Chalene's style. Her workouts are easy to follow and not very complicated, but they get the job done!

If you want to enter to win this DVD, you'll need to visit Inksplasher for Part 1 of this prize (and to read all the rules, etc.), but for part 2, answer the question below in the comments of this post.

If you could cast the Imperious Curse on anyone, who would you cast it on and what would you make them do?

[P.S. —I'm hosting a 30-days to health, "Shake It Down" Challenge starting July 15th. Check it out!]


Monday, July 11, 2011

Win Some Butter Beer!

Okay, that was just mean, wasn't it? Because I'm not really giving away Butter Beer...

If you've come here as part of Inksplasher's Totally Awesome Harry Potter Blog Party, then you're at the right place! And you already know I'm not going to give you Butter Beer.

If you've just stumbled across my blog because you googled "Harry Potter" or "Butter Beer", then I apologize.

I blame all this false advertising on my sister.

Even though my post title is misleading, I AM giving away something that's almost as awesome as Butter Beer, and that is...

TWO samples of Shakeology
(one in each flavor)

(you can read about how awesome Shakeology is HERE)

And to make up for the really mean false advertising, I'm also giving away a copy of the Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone DVD—so you can revisit where it all began while sipping your very nutritious and yummy shake.

You'll need to visit Inksplasher for Part 1 of this prize (and to read all the rules, etc.) , but for part 2, answer the question below in the comments of this post.

If you could have a totally nutritious shake in any flavor imaginable, what would flavor would it be?

[P.S. —I'm hosting a 30-days to health, "Shake It Down" Challenge starting July 15th. Check it out!]


Friday, July 8, 2011

Harry Potter Blog Party

my sister, who is sort of nuts,
is hosting a giant
Harry Potter Blog Party
over at her blog.

I'm one of the sponsors
of the Harry's Hunt for the Horcrux game.

Other games are:
  • Hermione's Hogwarts Trivia Test

  • Fred & George's Magical Mix-Ups

  • The Daily Prophet

  • Ron's Read-a-Thon

All games have their own prizes, plus you get points toward a grand prize—which is going to be awesome because she told me some of the stuff in it!

Go check out her site.

You can start earning points for prizes right away!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shake It Down Challenge

Remember how I told you I've lost 35 lbs? Well, I've lost 4 more since then!

I also mentioned that I'd teamed up with some nutrition and fitness experts to hold a challenge. That challenge is starting on July 15th.

Here are a few of the details:

We're using Shakeology (my favorite high energy, weight loss shake) to get us off to a great start!

If you join the challenge, you'll also get FREE GIFTS, PRIZES, and a powerful habit-changing challenge with lots of support!

What’s Included in the Challenge:

  • Daily support from the community: everyone in the challenge

  • Daily Tips and motivation from Fitness Coaches and Nutritionists - we'll make sure you're staying committed and we can either be the nice coach or the kick in the pants, whatever you prefer!

  • 30 of your meals in the form of Shakeology, which will really help with any cravings or energy issues... don't know about you, but cravings and energy are what will make me fall off the wagon the quickest... This will be your healthiest meal of the day. It's a meal, a multivitamin, a probiotic and a digestive enzyme, which is really great for digestive health and weight loss. During the challenge you'll replace 1 of your meals each day with Shakeology. And the Shake is included in the enrollment price, you don't have to buy anything extra.

  • Your questions answered on goal-getting, how to stay motivated, nutrition and fitness

  • Break through your fitness plateaus

  • MEAL PLAN EBOOK including Shakeology recipes, breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, and lots of healthy snack ideas

  • A Workout DVD set (you don't HAVE to do this exact workout, but it's a good quality one, and is a great way to mix things up.)

  • Awesome prizes and giveaways throughout the challenge

  • We can be the nice coach or the KICK IN THE PANTS coach, whatever you prefer! But we WILL be watching and we WILL hold you accountable to your own personal goals.

All of the above for $120

With all this extra value, now’s the best time to try Shakeology for a month! What is Shakeology? Click here for a 45 second video:

And if you get through the entire challenge and decide you hated the entire experience? Just return your Shakeology bag for a full refund.

You literally have NOTHING to lose! Oh, wait. You have a few things to lose:

1. A few pounds

2. Low energy

3. Stress and negative thinking

4. Bad habits

How to ENROLL:

  1. Click on the Shakeology button in my sidebar or this link:

  2. Order Shakeology on the monthly delivery program. (I recommend Chocolate) - very important you choose the autoship program so that your shipping is free, you get the free workout DVDs, and you get enrollment into this challenge (you can always cancel the auto delivery at ANY time, without penalty)

  3. Email or Facebook me to let me know you're enrolled and I'll get you on the roster!

Send me an E-mail

Friend Me on Facebook

Also, I'll enter you to win an extra prize if you help me spread the word by putting one of my buttons on your sidebar!

220 px button (for standard sidebar)

30-Day Health Challenge

Starts July 15th

125 px button (for smaller sidebar)

30-Day Health Challenge

Starts July 15th

To Install the Buttons on Blogger

If you have one sidebar, use the bigger button (220 px). If you have two sidebars, use the smaller button (125 px).

  1. Put your cursor in the box below the button and copy all of the code. The easiest way to do this is to place your cursor in the box, then press control + a. This highlights all the text in the box. The press control + c to copy it.

  2. Go to your blog's dashboard and click Design. This should take you to Add and Arrange Page Elements.

  3. Click on Add Gadget.

  4. Scroll down the list and find the one that says HTML/JavaScript. Click on it.

  5. Paste the code into the large Content box. You can type in a Title if you want. Click the orange Save button. If you get a message that says there are illegal characters, it means you didn't get all the code. Go back to Step 1 and recopy the code.

  6. The button will display at the top of your sidebar. While on the Page Elements page, you can drag the new gadget box to another position on your sidebar, if you want. Then click the orange Save button.
That should do it. Let me know if you have any problems.


Friday, July 1, 2011

July book club selection

the office goddess book club has
announced the july book club selection-

by Kiersten White

picked by Karlene

i can't wait to read this one
i hear it is REALLY good!

happy reading :)