Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's on your ipod?

I had a friend tell me that i have an unusally
large variety of music types that i like to listen to.
i think that's a compliment.

my ipod has...
classic rock
kids music
new age
easy listening

i like to listen to new music and am open
to almost all types of music with the exeption
of rap....there are a few rappers i can tolerate
and perhaps like a tiny bit...but for the most
part i do not like rap ! (sorry boys i tried )

i get exposed to new music in various ways...
my kids, my nieces and nephews (they post music
they like on facebook and of course i have to check them
out), friends, family, soundtracks, the girls at work and
a new thing itunes is doing.
free weekly download of a new single.

thanks to all the people who influence/expose
me to new music.

returning soon....
watch my blog for.....
fav song of the week post !



Rebecca Talley said...

I don't like rap. And I don't like Ke$ha. My teens listen to music I don't really like but then I remember when I was a teen and hearing all about how horrible my music was.

Gail said...

there are some rap songs I like. Wait no there is just one. I don't have teens yet but my six year old can tell the difference between Andrea Bocelli and Pavaroti. I figure if I start early enough he won't want to listen to rap.

Dina said...

I'm looking for an ipod but they are alittle pricy, thought they were more available, still looiing

kbrebes said...

I'm a bag lady, too! I always seem to need so much stuff: books, paper, pens, water, snacks, etc! Great to get to know ya!

Shanda said...

Looks like your musical tastes are about as varied as mine. Though I happen to really love celtic music as well. Something about how lovely yet haunting the music is just draws me in. Well, except for the Irish drinking songs, lol.

Shanda :)

Sheila said...

I also like all kinds of music, except rap music. It's funny, my 12 year daughter is getting hooked on the music from "Phantom of the Opera". I also listen to it a lot and now she loves it as much as I do!

(Come visit me at my blog )

Krista said...

I love all kinds of music, ESPECIALLY Irish drinking songs (ha, Shanda)!
I don't like rap, either. It's so great to have a wide variety to fit your mood. And it's nice to meet you, Suan!

Sandra said...

Suan! Congrats on winning the jewelry over on Karlene's blog. I need to know what you want me to do for you.

Suan said...

last week i added some salsa music to my ipod !