Saturday, January 8, 2011

Help ? !

so i was actually thinking of stopping the book club
because i'm not sure anyone is even reading the books
no one ever comments on the books...not even me :(
but my sister is whinning about it so i have posted
the december book on my blog.....and january will
be posted soon.

your help is needed--

**please vote on a winning book for 2010
voting is open until 1-15-11 ( a list of all
the books are on the side bar )

**we need a new name....i think we need a fresh
new cool name for the book please
put on those creative thinking caps and help
us come up with a new name (even if you think
it's corny let us know your ideas....maybe it with
a combination of another word might be the
name we need)

thanks for your help!

happy reading :)



Karlene said...

Perusing Pigs—our logo could be a cute little pig reading a book.

Karlene said...

I'll give it some real thought over the weekend but as you can tell, I'm not real good at coming up with names.

GoodyGang said...

OK my comment won't be very good because the reading list is down, but I'll do better when I come back..