Monday, January 17, 2011

We have a winner !

the votes are in and the winning
book for 2010 is....


congrats to Karlene for picking
the the winning book!

karlene has won a $20.00
gift card to the bookstore
of her choice.
if you haven't read the book
you may want to....
i really enjoyed it.

happy reading :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Book Club Selection

i have been waiting patiently for my turn to pick the book of the month....and hoping no one would pick it before me. a lot of you may have already read it but if you haven't i think you will really enjoy it.

January's book club selection is........

The Hunger Games (book 1)
Mockingjay (book 2)
Catching Fire (book 3)
by Suzanne Collins

picked by me !

happy reading


Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's on your ipod?

I had a friend tell me that i have an unusally
large variety of music types that i like to listen to.
i think that's a compliment.

my ipod has...
classic rock
kids music
new age
easy listening

i like to listen to new music and am open
to almost all types of music with the exeption
of rap....there are a few rappers i can tolerate
and perhaps like a tiny bit...but for the most
part i do not like rap ! (sorry boys i tried )

i get exposed to new music in various ways...
my kids, my nieces and nephews (they post music
they like on facebook and of course i have to check them
out), friends, family, soundtracks, the girls at work and
a new thing itunes is doing.
free weekly download of a new single.

thanks to all the people who influence/expose
me to new music.

returning soon....
watch my blog for.....
fav song of the week post !


Help ? !

so i was actually thinking of stopping the book club
because i'm not sure anyone is even reading the books
no one ever comments on the books...not even me :(
but my sister is whinning about it so i have posted
the december book on my blog.....and january will
be posted soon.

your help is needed--

**please vote on a winning book for 2010
voting is open until 1-15-11 ( a list of all
the books are on the side bar )

**we need a new name....i think we need a fresh
new cool name for the book please
put on those creative thinking caps and help
us come up with a new name (even if you think
it's corny let us know your ideas....maybe it with
a combination of another word might be the
name we need)

thanks for your help!

happy reading :)


Time to pick....

ok- i am a slacker... but its time to pick a
winner for the "best" picked book of the year.
lets cast our votes by 1-15-11. that gives
some of us (me) plenty of time to review the
list and refresh our memories...on 1-17-11
the winner will be announced...
the winner will receive a $20.00 gift card
to a book store of their choice... cast your votes....
good luck and may the best book/person win !

happy reading :)

December book club selection

the office goddess book club
has announced the december
book club selection.....

Angela's Ashes
by Frank McCourt

picked by ashley

happy reading :)