Monday, June 28, 2010

Win an I Run With Vampires Tote!

I'm today's sponsor of Chasing Twilight.

For an entry to win this Cullen Crest Tote, answer this question in the comments by midnight June 29th:

Besides the Twilight vamps, who is your favorite vampire from TV or movie?

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brendajean said...

Bad boy Damon Salvatore is pretty easy on the eyes. (Vampire Diaries)

Anonymous said...

eric and bill from true blood and i like diego so far in the second life of bree tanner. morgan

elyssa said...

Damon salvatore on vampire diaries is the bad boy type but becomes a new person or vampire after finding out what he loves the most doesn't love him. i love the twilight series as well the story bloomed from book to book.

Dina said...

Gerard Butler in Vampire 2000. :)