Saturday, October 24, 2009

November Selection

The Office Goddess Book Club has announced the november book club selection.....

The Laws of Nines
by Terry Goodkind
picked by Dawn

'Your mother was twenty-seven when it came to her. Now you're twenty-seven, and it's come to you.'

Turning twenty-seven may be terrifying for some, but for Alex, a struggling artist living in the mid-western United States, it is cataclysmic. Inheriting a huge expanse of land should have made him a rich and happy man; but something about this birthday, his name, and the beautiful woman whose life he just saved, has suddenly made him - and everyone he loves - into a target.

This a local artist/writer from Las Vegas.
You can find this book at Borders, Amazon and
Barnes and Noble.

Dawn T

happy reading :)

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