Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We have winners!

#11-invite a friend to join.
no takers yet on this one...it will stay
open until the end of august.

#12-how many vampire, supernatural, etc. books
were picked as selections of the the month?
17 is the number i get... the randon winner
is Morgan :) she has won a frog goddess note
pad and some cool mint eyedrops for when she
stays up too late reading.

#13-the book i was thinking of is...
annie freeman's famous traveling funeral
and the random winner is Elaine :)
she has won a goddess book mark with the
letter E on it.

#14-the favorite book for 2008 was Eclipse
picked by Kandis...and the randon winner
is Karlene :) she has won a free office
goddess lunch at the monthly luncheon of
her choice.

#15-if you attend a luncheon you need to wear
a tiara...and the random winner is...
kandis :) and she has won a frog goddess
note pad and lotion to help keep her fingers
soft while she is turning all those paper

thanks to all the participants :)


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