Monday, August 17, 2009

Trivia question # 11

to celebrate the 3rd year of the
office goddess book club...

here is a trivia question:
well maybe not so much of a question
if you get a friend to join you and
your friend will win a prize.
just have the friend send me an email
stating they'd like to join and giving
me their email address and i will add them
to the list and send them an email each
month when the book is announced.

happy reading :)



Karlene said...

What if you don't have any friends?

Anonymous said...

I absolutley agree.

Anonymous said...

shes my sister but emily wants to join. morgan.

Anonymous said...

i have 4 more people to add: megyn, maegan, madi, & malo. morgan.

Anonymous said...

I have patty, debbie, and ashley.