Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Office Goddess Book Club Trivia #14

To celebrate the 3rd year of the
office goddess book club-
here is a trivia question:
what was the favorite book for
2008 and who picked it?

happy reading :)


Anonymous said...

Breaking Dawn. I picked it!!! YAY ME!!! and it was almost a rumble cuz someone wanted to change things so that she got to pick it cuz she wanted to and thought i should have let her because it was her birthday month.

Karlene said...

Breaking Dawn. Yes. I remember that party that Kandis was supposed to come to but she pooped out on us.

Anonymous said...

Sure way to call me out Karlene. Well I have been encouraging that you have a party for new moon coming out. So you should do that i will for sure attend. (HINT HINT)