Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Office Goddess Book Club Trivia #2

To celebrate the 3rd year of the
office goddess book club-
here is a contest question:

how many of the books have you
read over the last 3 years?

whoever has read the most
will win the prize !!
contest closes august 7th

good luck
happy reading :)


Karlene said...

Who can even remember that far back? Oh, wait! I have the lists on my blog. Yea!

2009 = 42 (so far)

2008 = 30

2007 = 32

Grand Total = 104

And that's actually pitiful for me. I used to read that many in one year alone. :s

Karlene said...

Uhm. I'm really lame. Just re-read your question and you meant how many of the BOOK CLUB BOOKS I've read. Sorry.

Okay, so I've read 20 of them, including some of the alternate selections.

I started reading 3 others but didn't ever get them finished.