Saturday, January 17, 2009

February Office Goddess Book Club

The office goddess book club has announced
the February selection-

my choice for the February 2009 book is....
Glass Houses
book 1 in the Morganville Vampire Series
by Rachel Caine

after reading my sister's review here
i absolutely had to pick this book

hope everyone enjoys it

happy reading :)

p.s. should we change the book clubs name to something like....
can't get over edward/vampire loving book club


Karlene said...

I hate it when you steal my book ideas! Now what am I going to pick when it's my turn??? Grrr!

I really did like all five of these books.

Elizabeth said...

I have a theme on my blog this year: The Office Goddess! Would you be able to pick a book that you have read and make a recommendation that I could post on my site?


Suan said...

what are sisters for????
and if you are reading an average of a book a day on the Kindle i'm sure you won't have any trouble picking a book when it's your turn :) love ya :)

Anonymous said...

good book, even though Karlene liked it and slammed my choice for the GORE. was not twilight quality, but still very good, may even read the others if I find them. was alittle surprised in parts of who was and who wasn't a vamp.