Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January Office Goddess Book Club

The office goddess book club has announced
the January selection-

my choice for the January 2009 book is the first in a series of seven books by Mary Janice Davidson. The first book is "Undead and Unwed". These are about a group of vampires (big surprise!) and are laugh out loud funny. The main character is Betsy who becomes the Vampire Queen but doesn't really do a good job of being a queen. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Thanks, Becky

happy reading :)



Karlene said...

I read this back in the summer. It was okay--a little too sexy for my taste. I'll find another vampire book to read this month.

Also, I finally read Odd Hours. Loved it. And I'm in the middle of Tess Gerritson. Kay Hooper will be next...

I'm a little slow, but I do get around to it eventually.

Karlene said...

Okay, so the January vampire books I read were: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (new series on HBO). It was good, but too much sex.

I also read all five of the Morganville Vampire books and was planning to pick that series for my next turn here, until someone (who is a total brat) stole them from me. :p They're really good.