Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Road Trip

My sister and her daughter are going on a summer road trip
and i am totally jealous.... i think.... the idea sounds fun... but...
i made a trip once from kentucky to utah by car and the way
i remember it it wasn't very fun... my mom was my road trip partner
which was really great and i'm sure we had wonderful bonding
moments... but the dog sitting in my lap for three days while i drove
in the july heat in a car with no air conditioning... kinda put a damper
on things.... i hope they have the time of their lives driving and blogging
on the open road :) you can read about there adventures here starting
monday june 9th and you could even win a prize !! (Contests have already started.)

remember... we need a "what's playing on my ipod" everyday.


Natasha Ireland said...

You are GREAT. Really that bag you gave them was AM.azing. I am Good friends of McKenna's and Karlene's.... love them. Your blog is great.

Karlene said...

Thanks so much for doing the post and the sidebar and the rad song list. I liked all of them.

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the cool stuff. You rock.