Thursday, June 12, 2008

Book Club Winner !

you were the only one to post a review for the
may book. your prize is on the way....
I know alot of you read the host and loved it.
you should have posted a review and i would be sending
you a prize right now....but.... maybe you are like me and
really busy.... there is always next month

happy reading :)


Karlene said...

Cool! I love, love, love The Host.

Stephanie Abney said...

Hi Susan ~

I found your blog through Karlene's blog and I found her blog when she commented on my blog which she found when she joined the LDS SUMMER BOOK TREK ~ ain't bloggin' fun!! I'm really loving checking all this out on both of your sites. And as for Stephenie Meyers books... I can't keep them on my own book shelf long enough to read them all (my daughters and daughters-in-law and my neighbors and everyone else) keep borrowing them!! HOWEVER, I'm listening to The Host on CD and it's IN MY CAR and not my bookshelf and it's UNABRIDGED so I know I'm catching every word and I'm on about chapter 29 and oh my heck!!! Amazing!! Anyway, fun to meet you!