Saturday, April 19, 2008

May book club selection

The office goddess book club has
announced the May book club selection it is....
by Stephenie Meyer

the alternate selection is:
The Host
by Stephenie Meyer
her new science fiction book is
available on May 6th
selected by Karlene

don't forget to leave a comment about the April book to win a prize :)
just go to the post about the book and click
comments and type in your thoughts.
if you chose to read another book you may leave your
review there also.

we'd love to hear every ones comments. deadline is May 1st

In celebration of Edward and the Twilight series
and the release of book 4, Breaking Dawn, available
August 2, 2008. The final book they say, how sad is that……
The office goddess book club will be having the books of this
series as the book of the month as outlined below:

June-New Moon
August-Breaking Dawn

For those of you who may not want to re-read these
books, you are crazy, but we support diversity and we will also
be having an alternate selection for each month…
which will be announced each month as usual.

happy reading :) suan


Karlene said...

Hey, I just tagged you on my blog.

Karlene said...

I'm waiting to read all three of the Twilights the end of July. So I read The Host this month. I loved it. I think it's her best, as in most well written, book so far. There is much less romance and more exploration of what it means to be human. I really, really liked it.