Saturday, March 22, 2008

Every Monday Matters

Make today matter….
Week 8

have you ever been hungry???

most people don't have to decide between food and
rent, medical care, or medicine….
but over one million do

the second largest expense for families is food

1 in 4 people in a soup line is a child

here are some ways to help…

1. find an organization that supports the hungry and
find out what they need and help provide it

2. donate your time at a local soup kitchen or
homeless shelter

3. go through your pantry and donate some
canned food

4. create or support a food drive

5. purchase and hand out fast food gift
cards to the homeless

you can be a part of the solution by donation
time, food or money

you will gain a new appreciation for the food
on your table…. It truly is a blessing.


Karlene said...

This Saturday is the Boy Scout food drive that they do every year. We had a bag left on our porch that we're supposed to put food in and put back on the porch this Saturday. So if I do that, does it count for this Monday thing?

Suan said...

it counts in my book...
i think i will do the same :)