Saturday, March 15, 2008

Every Monday Matters....

Make today matter….
Week 7

Write a letter to a US Military Hero
active military members are deployed for long periods
of time and they love receiving words of appreciation
and support even from a stranger.

1. select a soldier
2. if you don't know one ask a friend, co-worker,
pastor or military chaplain.
3. grab paper, envelope and pen
4. write a letter to express your gratitude, show
your support and provide encouragement.
share a bit about yourself. Avoid topics such
as death, killing and politics.
5. include your email or mailing address in case
they want to write back.

6. send the letter

Our military protects our nation's freedom and regardless
of your political affiliation and whether or not you believe
in the war, these brave men and women need to know we
appreciate their sacrifices and service.

your letter might make a soldier smile :)

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