Saturday, March 15, 2008

100 things about me for my 100th post

as requested here are 100 things about me to
coincide with my 100th post that i did way
back when.... okay, i have been busy....

1. i am odd

2. i am proud of my oddness

3. i have three kids

4. i have four if you count the husband
who sometimes acts like one of the kids

5. i love my children

6. my kids are the wind beneath my wings

7. i have a therapy/nail session every week

8. thanks aby

9. i think my sessions keep me sane

10. am i sane?

12. i work full time to support the family

13. i try real hard to juggle it "all"

14. sometimes i am good at juggling

15. other times i fail miserably

16. my kids seem to be surviving in spite of
my limited time and short comings

17. i have a wonderful and supportive family

18. husband, three kids, parents, 2 sisters and a brother

19. and a dog too--don't forget the dog.... she loves me
when everyone else is mad at me

20. i like to scrapbook, no make that i love to
scrapbook, it's my favorite hobby.

21. i formed the office goddess book club

22. we have a membership of ten

23. we post our monthly selections on this blog

24. you can win free prizes if you comment on the

25. we are currently on our 20th selection

26. i have been soooo busy i haven't read the books
for the last few months.

27. i might have to kick myself out of the book
club (jk) (no one gets kicked out)

28. i am old

29. i will be 46 this year

30. i just used a calculator to figure my age

31. i have alot of gray hair

32. i try to cover it with highlights

33. i don't think i am fooling anyone

34. i love to go to vegas

35. to see my bff, becky

36. i love it when she comes to visit me

37. we have movie marathons

38. we go to jordan commons and
watch three movies in a roll

39. we are trying to make up for
our thursday movie nights we miss

40. since she lives in vegas

41. i grew up in kentucky

42. i do not miss the humidity

43. i do miss my family

44. i do miss the green, green grass

45. one of my sisters live in pleasant grove

46. i don't think i could have made it
through a few of the "bumps" in my life
with out her

47. she makes my blog look pretty

48. she doesn't realize how much i admire her

49. i have an art gallery

50. there on display are many of my oil paintings

51. it is on a big wall in my parents home

52. yes, i use to paint

53. had to quit when i was pregnant with the twins

54. could not sit for 8 hours at work
and then sit for 2 more for the class

55. my other sister is younger

56. we are so much alike

57. i wish we lived closer

58. she lives in kentucky

59. she is always there for me

60. my brother lives in georgia
and weekends in tennessee

61. we use to fool people into
thinking we were twins

62. he is my favorite brother

63. oops, he is my only brother

64. well, if i had more i would love
him best

65. my mom and dad are wonderful
examples to me

66. i hope to be as wonderful a person
as they are one day

67. i like to go to starbucks

68. i get the peppermint mocha creme
frappacino (no coffee)

69. i hate coffee

70. i love chocolate

71. i have no middle name

72. when my sister and i were little
we made up our own middle names

73. mine was Amy

74. hers was jane

75. our younger sister was too young to
make up her own middle name

76. so we made one up for her

77. thumbalina

78. poor girl... good thing it was just made up

79. i love to read

80. now that the kids are older i get to read

81. my favorite book of all time is the
twilight series by stephanie meyer

81. i love the character Edward

82. there are three books to the series

83. Twilight

84. New Moon

85. Eclipse

86. the fourth and last comes out
in august, Breaking Dawn

87. i am really sad to see the series end

88. maybe the author will change her mind
and write more

89. I drive a ford explorer

90. i like big cars

91. my son has a cooler car then me

92. mazda protege with a sun roof

93. my sons turn 16 in 10 days

94. my daughter will be 20 in june

95. where does all the time go

96. why does it have to fly by so fast

97. i want to go to hawaii before i die

98. i love to wear flip flops and sandals

99. i hate to wear socks

100. my favorite flowers are daisies

there you go---- 100 random
things about me :)


Anonymous said...

that was great, I enjoyed it , I am so glad to know I was tooo young to know my made up middle name was thumbalina, Mom ran in to someone the other day who ask how Amy was doing. I laughed so hard, which is not good at my age with bladder control issues

Karlene said...

Funny. I thought I knew everything about you but I learned a few things.

And did anyone else notice that about half the things about her are really about someone else?

Suan said...

you are soooooooooooooo picky
at least an attempt was made....
i should get credit for that :)