Monday, February 25, 2008

Make today matter...

every monday matters..... week 4

prepare for an emergency
have a family communication plan
someone everyone calls that is outside
your local calling area in case of an emergency
cell phones may not be working so a prepaid
phone card or coins may be necessary
designate a primary and secondary meeting place

have a 72 hour kit that you update every
6 months*

readiness reduces fear and anxiety

*those of you who have 72 hour kits
please share with us what you have in yours
i have started ours and could use some tips*

prepare today......for any kind of tomorrow!

1 comment:

Karlene said...

We made 72 hour kits as Christmas gifts a couple of years ago. We keep them in the car. They are in backpacks. Here's a link to a list.
We didn't put all of these things in, but most of them.