Monday, February 11, 2008

Make today matter...

every monday matters--week 2

this week they talk about how much people
watch tv and how we would be more productive
if we watched less tv....
here are their suggestions...

1. turn off the tv today
2. designate tv free times during the week and
reduce the number of hours spent watching tv
3. remove tv's from bedrooms and kitchens
4. make a list of things to do besides watch tv
5. avoid using tv as a reward
6. be more selective about what you watch on tv

i personally don't watch alot of tv
but my kids watch way too much tv
and if i had to do it over i never would have
let them have tv's in their rooms
but if i tried to remove their tv's now i would
have a mutiny on my hands...
but i like the idea of turning off the tv for one
whole day... i think i will try it .... wish me luck :)


Karlene said...

I was deprived of TV as a child and now I'm emotionally scarred--and making up for lost time.


Anonymous said...

I had to go to the neighbors and be nice to watch tv. I love tv, please don't ever make me go without it, I am so mean right now, reruns, I say give the writers anything they want, resolve the issues let me have my csi, csi miami, grays anatomy, cold cases, csi ny, ncis, house, should I go on, I know I am addicted, I admit it but I love the tv , I won't go to rehab, rehab is for quitters!!!!!elaine

melanie lucille said...

lol no wonder I am the way I am...listen to my aunts/mom. :)