Monday, February 25, 2008

i have survived :)

i have survived the flu of 2008
and am now back in the land of the

my kids and i got the flu shot just like
every other year...
and then Thomas brought home some
crud from the neighbors house.. and
it plays out something like this....

-so bad you think you are going to die
and when you realized your not going to die
you wish you were anyway
immobile-when it hits it hits hard and you are unable
to move for 24 hours
runny nose/stuffy nose- all at the some if that is possible
-oh yes that awfully dry cough that after 24 hours
your ribs and stomach hurt from all the coughing
and sneezing

i think that pretty well sums up last week for me....
Thomas was first, it originated with him and then
i was the lucky second one followed closely by
Ryane and then it started to weaken and Mike
got a very mild version of it.... one family member
was lucky enough to escape the effects of this flu
i won't mention his name- i don't want to jinx him

all i can say is if you get it--go to bed for a week
and keep yourself in a cold medicine coma until it is over.


Anonymous said...

sorry you all have had the flu, they say that shot wasn't as effective this year. alot of our town has had it , but no cancelling classes yet,, I think half the kids on my bus have had it and have shared it with the other half, they were gone today

Karlene said...

Glad you're feeling better. I'm starting to feel human again. Sort of.