Saturday, February 16, 2008

100th post to my blog

this is officially the 100th post to my blog
wow- how time flies....

i started this blog as a way to vent...
you know, therapy for me... it was all
about me....and it has been fun for me
and hopefully for ya'll too.

i owe the cuteness of my blog to my sister
Karlene... i make a post to my blog and she
goes in and adds cute pictures and then links
to things. one day she is going to show me how.
thanks karlene

so, i think i am suppose to do a post of 100
things about me so here we go.....
not really, just kidding

thanks everyone for reading and commenting
have a great day :) suan


Karlene said...

I want to see your list of 100 things!!

Anonymous said...

I do to, the kindergardeners on my bus have hundred day party, they each bring a 100 things and share them, like stickers, candy cookies, marshmellows.. you should have a party