Monday, February 25, 2008

i have survived :)

i have survived the flu of 2008
and am now back in the land of the

my kids and i got the flu shot just like
every other year...
and then Thomas brought home some
crud from the neighbors house.. and
it plays out something like this....

-so bad you think you are going to die
and when you realized your not going to die
you wish you were anyway
immobile-when it hits it hits hard and you are unable
to move for 24 hours
runny nose/stuffy nose- all at the some if that is possible
-oh yes that awfully dry cough that after 24 hours
your ribs and stomach hurt from all the coughing
and sneezing

i think that pretty well sums up last week for me....
Thomas was first, it originated with him and then
i was the lucky second one followed closely by
Ryane and then it started to weaken and Mike
got a very mild version of it.... one family member
was lucky enough to escape the effects of this flu
i won't mention his name- i don't want to jinx him

all i can say is if you get it--go to bed for a week
and keep yourself in a cold medicine coma until it is over.

Make today matter...

every monday matters..... week 4

prepare for an emergency
have a family communication plan
someone everyone calls that is outside
your local calling area in case of an emergency
cell phones may not be working so a prepaid
phone card or coins may be necessary
designate a primary and secondary meeting place

have a 72 hour kit that you update every
6 months*

readiness reduces fear and anxiety

*those of you who have 72 hour kits
please share with us what you have in yours
i have started ours and could use some tips*

prepare today......for any kind of tomorrow!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Make today matter...

every monday matters....week 3

Amber Alerts
americas missing broadcast emergency repsonse

take action....
1. pay attention to amber alerts
2. sign up to receive amber alert text messages on
your cell phone
3. download amber alert ticker on your computer
4. if you see or receive an amber alert
don't take it lightly

the first 3 hours are everything to that child and his/her
family... remember... your eyes and actions could mean
the difference between a life lost and a life saved

any one who knows how to do #2 or #3
please let us know. thanks

Saturday, February 16, 2008

100th post to my blog

this is officially the 100th post to my blog
wow- how time flies....

i started this blog as a way to vent...
you know, therapy for me... it was all
about me....and it has been fun for me
and hopefully for ya'll too.

i owe the cuteness of my blog to my sister
Karlene... i make a post to my blog and she
goes in and adds cute pictures and then links
to things. one day she is going to show me how.
thanks karlene

so, i think i am suppose to do a post of 100
things about me so here we go.....
not really, just kidding

thanks everyone for reading and commenting
have a great day :) suan

Favorite song of the week

my favorite song of the week is....

Teardrops on my guitar
by Taylor Swift

-or- if you don't like that one
how about...

Hands on me
by Vanessa Carlton

give them a listen
when you get a minute

enjoy :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

March Book Club Selection

The office goddess book club has announced
the march book....

Blood Dreams
by Kay Hooper

picked by Elaine S.

don't forget to go to the february book post
and leave a comment by March 5th,
about that book or an alternate book of your
choice, to receive a prize !

happy reading :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Make today matter...

every monday matters--week 2

this week they talk about how much people
watch tv and how we would be more productive
if we watched less tv....
here are their suggestions...

1. turn off the tv today
2. designate tv free times during the week and
reduce the number of hours spent watching tv
3. remove tv's from bedrooms and kitchens
4. make a list of things to do besides watch tv
5. avoid using tv as a reward
6. be more selective about what you watch on tv

i personally don't watch alot of tv
but my kids watch way too much tv
and if i had to do it over i never would have
let them have tv's in their rooms
but if i tried to remove their tv's now i would
have a mutiny on my hands...
but i like the idea of turning off the tv for one
whole day... i think i will try it .... wish me luck :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

monday matters-week 1

Every monday matters
by matthew emerzian and kelly bozza

monday matters- week one

stop and think and make a list
of what matters most to you

now make a list of how you spend
your time each week

third, orgainze your weekly list of
activities into two categories
required and optional

rearrange your list and reduce your
optional acrivities so you have more
time to do what matters most

sounds easy....i'm off to make my list
have a great week :)

Have you made today matter?

have you made today matter?

join with me in making every monday matter
by following ideas from the book:

Every Monday Matters
52 ways to make a difference
by Matthew Emerzian and Kelly Bozza

look for my weekly post

"time spent on what matters most
is never a waste of time"

favorite song of the week

hey, megan... since i am coping you already
i might as well copy you again for my song of
the week...

i am always open to new music
and love to hear new music/artists that
i have never heard of....
i really enjoyed this one.
thanks megan :)

umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh).
by Marie Digby

give it a listen when you get a minute
enjoy :)

Megan- when did you grow up?

i went to my nieces blog today and read her post


here are my thoughts :

1. i need to do a post like that
my thoughts but put so eloquently...
by megan ( i think she get's it from her mom)

2. why not just copy hers--maybe she won't
mind...maybe she won't even know.

3. what a cool picture.

4. when did megan grow up to be such a wonderful
young woman?

megan- hope you don't mind the link to your blog