Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today is just another ordinary miracle

today is just another ordinary miracle

if you think about it for very long there are a lot of ordinary miracles that happen all around us on a daily basis....
and if i were to pause for a second in my busy life i would recognize more of them. but one miracle that happened today simple as it may sound my first miracle today was... i woke up! that in its self i believe is a miracle....

another miracle i saw this morning came in the form of the beautiful face of my daughter smiling at me. which believe me the smiling part does not happen very often on a school day at 5:30am she most definitely is NOT a morning person.

so, i took that wonderful miracle of her smile and stored the image in my heart to retrieve
on a day when it is not a smile i happen to see but a frown.

ryane- thank you for your beautiful smile today :) i love you

this brings me to my fav song of the week

ordinary miracle
by sarah mclachlan

enjoy :) suan

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