Wednesday, January 16, 2008


due to my extreme attire yesterday
i have a cold.....
so, you think that serves me right?
I'm really not sick i was jk
i am sitting here in flip flops again
and my crazy world full of oddness
continues :)


Anonymous said...

I am truely jealous of the flip flops!!! it is cold here and dropping, we had a wonderful snow day from school today so I did not wear flip flops, but I did wear my wonderful new pajama things Kim told me about, they are hanes virgin cotton thingys from walmart(how do the know for sure its virgin) and I played wii in my new pajamas all day. wii is so cool, I even made a wii me and it looks like.... ME

melanie lucille said...

lololol i can picture it now. i'm stuck in my boots.

Karlene said...

So are you still wearing those flip flops in the 16 inches of snow you got yesterday?

Suan said...

some people just like to burst other peoples
i did NOT wear "those flip flops" monday when we got all the snow
but i am sitting in my office today
with my lovely pink flip flops on..
they make me smile :)