Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My heart is smiling :)

let me first start by saying i am easily amused,
i am easily entertained, and i am odd. i always tell
my kids "i am odd and proud of it" then i go into my
speech that if we were all the same what a boring life
it would be.......and i am sure in their heads after the "i am
odd and proud of it" all they hear is blah blah blah....

anyway... on my way to work (every day since 1-1-08)
i crank my "theme song" of the year as loud as i can stand
it and sing along. since there are no kids in the car to tell
me i dance better than i sing. btw, what a polite way to say
you are a lousy singer... i have such (occasionally) polite
kids. but today i added in a little xtra fun... i am tapping my
my feet with my freshly painted toe nails.... oh yeah, did i
mention i am tapping my flip flop wearing feet?
those of you who know me once i mention the flip flops
can imagine just how happy i am..... now i realize this is
january and it is cold out....not to worry... i brought my furry
clogs to work .... just in case some of that white
stuffs starts falling from the sky....


today in "my world" as crazy as it my be
life is good.....

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