Saturday, January 19, 2008

February Book Club Selection

the office goddess book club has announced
the february book.....selected by Aby

Julie & Julia my year of cooking dangerously
by Julie Powell

happy reading :)

don't forget to leave a comment about the
january book to win a prize :)
just go to the post about the book and click
comments and type in your thoughts.
if you chose another book you may leave the
review there also. we'd love to hear every ones


Karlene said...

I didn't get to read this book because 1) couldn't find it at my library, and 2) I had to read 23 books before Feb 20th to vote in a contest and now I'm burned out.

Of those 23 books, the one I liked best was Fabelhaven #2 by Brandon Mull, a middle-grade, young teen fantasy. It was really good.

Dawn T said...

I find this very appropriate...I'm leaving my very first "Office Goddess Book Club" blog about the February book.

Being someone that is only good at cooking things from a box, it was a little difficult getting into the story. Once I put the thought out of my mind that this book is only about cooking, I could relate to throwing yourself into something fully and not quiting no matter how much you or others want you to. The idea of turning something you love, being good at it or bad at it, into something that you can make money doing is an aspiring thought. It never seems to have the same turn out if you try planning your outcome.