Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We have a winner !

congratulations to karlene who picked the august selection
for the office goddess book club... Twilight....
it was the winning book... have fun spending the gift
card to barnes and noble :)
if you didn't get a chance to read it in august you should
take the time after the holidays to relax and read it
i don't think you will be disappointed...
and thanks from all of us in the book club for picking such
a wonderful book that we became so mesmerized by it
that we can't wait to see how the story unfolds in book 4!
we are looking forward to your next time to pick the
book, no pressure there, right?

happy reading to all :)


Suan said...

kandis has made a suggestion that in honor of the 4th book being released in october (we hope it's not delayed for any reason)
that we reread....

august-new moon
october-breaking dawn (New one)

what are everyones thoughts on this?

Karlene said...

I definitely agree that we need to re-read the previous books before #4 comes out. But I have to read them all in September or I'll forget by the time October gets here. (Fortunately, I read pretty fast.)

So maybe we should also have alternates those months?

And thank you so much for the prize. I will spend many wonderful hours at B&N trying to decide between the zillions of books I'd like to have.

Karlene said...

Test. You should get an e-mail for this. Let me know if you do or don't.