Saturday, December 29, 2007

Favorite song of the week

i have been a little busy with the holidays
which were wonderful this year. we got a chance
to hang out with family and friends and enjoy ourselves
and relax a little...

i will be missing in action for awhile because of work.
i am extemely busy this time of year until about february 1st
with all the year end things that need to be done....
and in february i should be all caught up and NO MORE
SATURDAY HOURS...for those of you who know how many
hours i work a week this will be amazing for me...
what will i do with all my free time??

1st- hang out more with my kids and husband
2nd- make more trips to vegas (or more movie marathons here!)
3rd- spend more time with friends scrapbooking :)
4th- relax and read...
and the list could go on forever....
but enough about my wonderful life...

my favorite song of the week is

Brand new year
by She Daisy
(It's not on YouTube, but you can listen to a short clip here.)

"this is my one resolution and i make it with out fear
to live, to love TODAY
cause it's a brand new year...
resilently reclaiming ME."

enjoy :)
give it a listen
when you get a minute

and i wish you all a wonderful new year
and hope you can find time if even for an
hour here and there to reclaim YOU !

1 comment:

Karlene said...

Looking forward to the scrapbooking. :)