Friday, November 2, 2007

Too soon ???

i set my alarm clock on a corny radio station because it helps
me get out of bed quicker... the day after halloween i wake up
to... no other than frosty the snow man.... i had forgotten that
they start playing christmas on november 1st.... i have changed
the channel.... i generally don't start listening to christmas music
until the day after thanksgiving.... you know i like to follow the
rules... and the "socially acceptable" timing of the holidays....


Karlene said...

You're just lucky that I have too much integrity to hijack your blog again and post a bunch of YouTube Christmas carols on here....(evil laugh...)

Kenna said...

hahaha... Mom, you're funny with that comment. yOU should totally do it.

Suan, are you talking about 100.3 or 106.5? Because those two become my car presets starting November 1st thru New Years. Haha!