Monday, November 5, 2007

Edward (Twilight)

i believe most of you are aware that the twilight series
of books are my absolute favorite books of all time...
my sister who is an urban botanic consultant came
up with some scents for the characters of the book.

She made scents for....

Bella by Daylight
Bella by Moonlight

i liked them all but my two favorite are Edward
and Bella by Daylight
and when i smelled them i really did think of the
character.... i don't know how she does that....
she has come up with some amazing scents.
i will hopefully have the scents made by the end of
the week if you'd like to come by and smell them
give me a call :)

[P.S. You can read more about these fragrances at her Signature Scents blog. She will be posting a description of one a day over the next week. You can also order them online here.]

1 comment:

Karlene said...

My favorite is Jacob. Edward is great too. I could totally imagine Jim wearing Edward and me loving it. But Jacob...ooooh, that one...well, there are no words.