Friday, November 2, 2007


ok- i am a big christmas fan.... in fact i am a fan of
all holidays... i like to celebrate them all... my favorite
is halloween followed closely by christmas....
however, i think there is a "socially acceptable"
time table for christmas.... in order to enjoy each holiday
you can't bring the next one on too soon....
for example..

october- you get to enjoy halloween for the entire month
you get to decorate, carve pumpkins, plan costumes,
go to haunted houses, corn mazes, parties, etc..

november- you get to enjoy fall, the look of the leaves, the
crispness in the air....then the big day you get to
cook all day for the dinner that takes a table of
men 15 minutes to devour...then the rest of the day
you spend cleaning dishes... not my favorite holiday
but after all the work is done you relax and pull out
the christmas ads and make your plans for the
day of shopping and where you will be standing in
line at 4:30am, which is a fair payoff for the day of
cooking and cleaning the day before....

december- after the day of shopping you can ring in the beginning of
christmas any day of your choosing.... remember if your going
to go thru all the trouble of decorating you should be able to
enjoy it for a month.... the lighting of the out door christmas lights
should begin no sooner than dec 1st and continue no later than
jan lst.....this turning on christmas lights until the middle of jan
are against the "holiday rules"

However, i am not the boss of the holidays.... so do whatever you want and enjoy :)


Suan said...

now my sister on the other hand believes anytime in november is acceptable....

Karlene said...

Would you knock it off?!! Do not, Do Not, DO NOT!!!!

You keep spreading this rumor all over the internet and it's just not true. The only time I've put up Christmas before Thanksgiving is when Mom & Dad came out extra early and I had to get it up before they arrived.

Oh wait. Maybe you're talking about the other sister?? Does she even decorate for Christmas? :)

Suan said...

nope, i'm not talking about the other sister.... i am talking about you...i'm younger and my memory is better that yours :)

Anonymous said...

It really is rude to talk about the other sister that way, and yes I do decorate with every grinch I can find. and just so you know, you were raised never to decorate or put the tree up until after dec. 14 or there would be the curse of Dad, thats what he said. and I AM YOUNGER THAN BOTH OF YOU<
and I would celebrate halloween year round, but someone might think I was a , well evil or something

Karlene said...

Dad's rule only applies to those who live close to him. Once you cross the Missouri River, you're exempt.