Sunday, September 16, 2007

summer reading thing review

in august i read more books in one month than i ever have before. i finished the final Harry Potter book and loved it! then i read twilight which was the august book club selection
for the office goddess book club. i was so mesmerized by twilight that i then read new moon and eclipse.... all in the month of august one right after each other... what an awesome series of books :) now i am disappointed that i have to wait a year for the 4th book.
i then started to read the september book club selection- uglies.
i just can't get into it... i need a really neat book to read.
that is just as good as twilight.... does anyone out there have
any suggestions???

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Anne Bradshaw said...

There are some great LDS writers who have written, or are writing, a series. They're not the same genre as Stephenie Meyers' books, but just as good in their own way--in fact, better, in my opinion.

Try Annette Lyon's "Temple" series, and Heather B. Moore's "Out of Jerusalem" series for a start. Then go to for more super authors and plenty of gripping reading.