Friday, August 24, 2007

What's your Brain Age ??

So, a dear friend of mine (i think) got me the nintendo ds brain age game for my birthday. You take a series of test and then it tells you your brain age.... so for my forty something ( i quit counting ) birthday i took my brain age test and it was about some birthday depression (thanks becky).

But seriously, your only as old as you feel, right? which is even more depressing because lately i feel about 75. But the good news is i have been doing the daily training on the game and today when i retook the test i am only 51. i guess that is good since it is an improvement.

wish there was something out there that could make me look and feel 18 years younger in aprox 3 weeks..

hey-becky send me that for my next birthday :)

have a great day :) suan

p.s. thanks becky- the game really is fun!


Anonymous said...

apparantly that is a very accurate game, I have been sending you birthday cards for so many years that I know you are sixty something.

Suan said...

okay so now i don't feel so bad..
the girls at work took the brain age test and one of them is 26 and she scored in her 80's !