Tuesday, July 31, 2007

August 2007 Book Club Selection

If you'd like to join us reading the August book club selection it is
your choice of any of the three books in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer:

New Moon (Twlight)

Eclipse (Twlight)
(hardback on sale Aug. 7)

or if you don't like vampire stories, you can read:

The Secret Life of Bees

picked by Karlene B.


Kenna said...

oh my gosh you're going to LOVE twilight and new moon. I can't wait to hear what you think :)

Suan said...

i am very excited to read twilight i just need to finish harry potter
first, which everyone i know is done reading except me....but i am taking my time and savoring the book since it is the last one..ok really i have been so busy i only get to read for a little while each day... but the savoring part sounded good....

Suan said...

for those of you who are reading the august book club selection
twilight... i can't wait to read your reviews !
i am a little more than half way thru the book
(i got a late start because i was finishing harry potter)
but i don't think i have ever been so mesmerized
by a book before....
i love the story line, it is really easy to read, the words are big
and when i sit down to read i totally lose myself in the book
and after the week i just had it is such a relief to take
my mind off things
if you are not reading it you are missing out on a great book
i'm really glad the story continues into two more books and
maybe more.

have a great day :) suan

Suan said...

i finished Twilight and started New Moon i am so neglecting my kids
i read late into the night saturday
and read alot on sunday and read last night i had to finally stop
i hope to finish tonight
i am obsessed with the book
i have never read a book that fast in my life. karlene-remember when you told me when you read
you don't notice the words that it turns into a movie for you
this is what this book is like for me. i'm not sure that it has ever been like that for me before
sure i imagine but it doesn't flow like a movie.

I have to say this series of books
really is my favorite books ever!

becky said...

well, i have to say that i am with everyone else on Twilight. I loved this book. I liked the comment about the book becoming a movie, because that is how i felt also. Very vivid images when you were reading the book. i have read all three and am anxiously waiting for a new one. suan said sometimes next year - i don't know if i can wait that long!

Suan said...

here's my review--
first i rate it a 12+++++++
they are my favorite books EVER
i love twilight and new moon and i am half way through with eclipse
and loving it too i don't know how i will be able to wait a year for the next one...hopefully just a year...
the whole love story with the adventure and suspense and the handsome sexy vampire...what more could you ask for?
at times i felt bad..here i am a 40 something year old thinking this 17 year old vampire is so hot
but lets face it...he is... and he's really not 17...he's been 17 for how many years?? and karlene just so you know, you are the only one in the world that likes jacob better than edward
i really want bella to become a vampire
i thought it was going to happen in new moon when james attacked her...but i want edward to do it.. hopefully in elipse
i liked her birthday party when she got the paper cut and then everything escalated...
and in eclipse when edward thought bella was dead and she went to stop him....
i hope i got all the books right
it's hard to remember what was in which book since i have read all three books in a row..
i like the idea that the author has planned to go back and write twilight again as edward..

here's a website you might be interested in

Karlene said...

I liked the while series. As a writer, she's not the best, but she's getting better with each book. I still think Bella is an idiot. In book three, I lost a little of my enthusiasm for Jacob, but I still prefer him over Edward.

My 17 year old daughter and I have a mantra, "Bella is an idiot." We don't understand her motivation sometimes. And I really don't get this relationship. Why does Bella love Edward? Because he's beautiful. Why does Edward love Bella? Because she smells so good he wants to eat her. Now that's what deep and lasting relationships are made of! (That was sarcasm, just in case you didn't catch it.)

But that said, I still like the series. And I can't wait for book #4. Here's my review of New Moon. I haven't gotten around to reviewing Eclipse yet.

Karlene said...

What happened to my link?? Oh well, HERE is my review of New Moon:

Karlene said...

Darn! That didn't work right either.

Let's try this...

New Moon

Karlene said...

I give up! Go to my blog at www.inksplasher.blogspot.com and type New Moon in the Search field.