Thursday, May 31, 2007

Do we get what we pay for???

i am one of those people, one of those many people (i realize i am not in the minority here)who have very little time...... time for me is precious since i have so very little of it.

i believe that when you go to a store you should get what you pay for. however, i am also one of those people who- if there is a defective product on the shelf- i get it... i am drawn to it like a magnet. if i take the first item on the shelf or i dig to the back it makes no difference, if there is a defective item i get it!!

Approximately two weeks ago i went to home depot to buy a sink and vanity for the bathroom (i won't even go into the lousy service i got there) but i get it home and the plumber comes to install it and it is defective.... so the plumber leaves and i have to go return it and get a different one and then reschedule the plumber again. silly me i didn't think to look in the box the first time to make sure it was not defective-what was i thinking...

so, then about a week ago i went to gray whale for the new CD by maroon 5...loved their first CD and couldn't wait to hear their new one..0pen it up the next day at work to listen to it and guess what ?? there isn't even a CD in there.....they said they will replace it but it will take me a week before i can get back to the store to return it......definitely a bummer...

work has been stressful lately so we decided to buy some bubbles to help relieve the stress..i open mine and try to blow them and nothing happens....i know it's been a long time since i have blown bubbles...but seriously-can a person forget how to blow bubbles? i had another girl give it a try and nothing... which means they are defective. i got them at walgreens in case you want instead of relieving some of my stress it increased it.

i really do not have time to buy and then return all this defective merchandise. I'm thinking i need start opening and inspecting it before i buy it.

so- what do you think? do we get what we pay for?????

Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 2007 Book Club Selection

The Office Goddess Book Club
has announced the May 2007 Book Club selection:

by Kris Radish

selected by Becky G.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


no one ever said addictions were cheap....
these drinks go for $2-$3.50 each.
but they are really yummy :)
my favorite one this week is mighty mango
there is a pound of fruit in every drink
try it.... you might like it.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Office Goddess Book Club

this book club was started in the office at ASAP Automotive
Whse-the first book was announced August 2006 with a
new book each month-the members of the book club take
turns choosing the book...

i will update this blog with the monthly books as soon as
time allows-keep in mind we have a wide variety of people
choosing the books and some may be to your liking and
some may not.....please preview each book on your own before deciding to read....

happy reading :) suan